How do you find a word that means “Lisa”?

Lisa“…How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?” So the song goes. Good question. I’ve worked so hard to fit into a description that I thought people would expect of me. But I’ve learned not only that I can’t, despite how hard I’ve tried, but also that for me to try to be anything besides what I’m gifted at is selling everyone short.

Here’s a little about me:
I’m an artist. I’m attracted to beauty. I’m drawn to music and dance and rhythms and patterns. I’m a bit of a flibbertigibbet. Most things I try come quickly and easily to me. I learn quickly when I am engaged. I’m also quick to move on. My attention is acute and powerful. I’m a learner. I’m a dreamer. I like new things. I love to travel. The basic act of traveling- riding a plane, bus or ferry -makes me feel at home in places I’ve never been before.

And I’ve learned to embrace the fact that I can’t hold myself to one thing for too long. It goes from something I’m interested in, to something I’m doing, to something I’ve lost interest in, to something I’m doing cause I feel guilty quitting. I’ve rewritten this page so many times, trying to present myself and my skills strongly with confidence and consistence, whether for photography or web design or as a blogger. But I always eventually change gears and I’ve felt guilty that I can’t make myself be dedicated to one line of work. Or one line of anything. But motivation by guilt is the wrong way to go, let me tell you. It’s the wrong way to live.

So here’s what I’m doing:
I’m just going to share myself. I’ll share what I’m learning, what I’m practicing or experimenting, what I’m interested in and researching, etc. It may not build me a career, but maybe it will. Maybe from learning to breath and walk naturally I’ll find what it is I can run with.


From here, you can read more about me, contact me, or read my blog.
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