Tofino B.C.


A force of nature. The surf mecca of Canada. The hot spot of the Pacific Rim.

Surfing is one of those things I never thought I’d ever do, or ever have any interest in doing, yet here I am with my own board, wetsuit, boots, gloves, prepped to be pounded as I’m learning to understand the rhythm of the water. and I’m diggin’ it. But if you asked me why I’ve developed a sudden infatuation with the scenic little surfing village of Tofino BC, I wouldn’t know how to tell you.

I’ve always had a thing for traveling in general. In my childhood years my Dad was a Coastie and we moved every four years or so. I lived in North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama before settling up here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. The only move I was old enough to remember well was our trip from Alabama to Washington State- we took a two week road trip. Some of my sweetest memories are those of being carried from the hotel to the van in the wee hours of the morning, collecting hotel soaps, and seeing many things and places that I’d never seem before.

When I was sixteen I went on a missions trip to Spain. Our team taught English classes at an elementary school for two weeks. While we were traveling there, we missed our first flight and consequently, every flight after that. With over a dozen team members, it was a trick to rebook all our flights. They managed to keep us together for the most part, but after 32 hours of traveling, we ended up in Spain and our luggage ended up in Chicago. It might sound like a horrible start to a missions trip, but the effects were we had all grown so close as a team and as friends from the necessity to stay together and to depend on each other. I loved every part of that trip- the journeying just as much as getting to experience the culture, invest in the kids lives and their families, and sewing seeds for the Lord’s harvest.

I love the journey. I love to travel. Now that I’m working full-time, there isn’t much opportunity in the near future for me to make any big expeditions to Spain or to Ireland, or Australia or Iceland, though I have an indefinite dream to travel the world, exploring countries and cultures and photograph them.

Why do I so ardently want to make a trip to Tofino Canada? It’s more than just a surfing trip to a hot surf destination. It’s a journey. To reestablish the pace of my stride. To renew the significance of my aspirations. To breath in a breath of fresh air. To take a trip! A three-day-weekend, a little gas and a ferry ticket is all I need.

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