Twitter and Niches

I’ve finally opened myself a twitter account. I had avoided it for a long while, since it seemed like no more than glorified facebook status updates. As a hard core facebooker, I really had no need for it. Yet curiosity eventually got the better of me, and what I discovered was a plethora of resources. Where facebook is great for social networking, twitter is excellent for following leading blogs and organizations to receive a constant stream of tips, trends, news and resources for whatever it is you desire to know about. I’ve never used rss feeds, but my preferred use of twitter essentially plays the same roll. Everything from photography, to web coding and design blogs, to daily deals websites, to NYTimes Photography, every day have pages and pages of links and tips and news to read and gain inspiration from. Which is exactly what I’ve needed: inspiration to start giving my attention to photography again, to be inspired, and to develop an appetite again for shooting projects and sessions.

I’ve jumped up off my creative derrière and have quickly thrown together for myself a website, which is now motivating me to go forth and create fresh new content to fill it with! In a roundabout way, I have Twitter to thank for it.

Beyond just being inspired, I think I’ve discovered my niche. Although it’s really too early to say, I do know that I’ve been deeply inspired by the wave photography of Clark Little, and recognized several elements about his very specific niche of photography that I’ve always had a keen interest in: water, light, and places. And the biggest plus: getting to travel!

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  1. Preston says:

    Thanks so much for your comment on GDB. It was much appreciated. Good luck in all you do.

    Oh and Welcome to the twittersphere too.

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