The Life: Writing Travel Guide Websites

My good friend Erin and I are planning a backpacking trip to Greece this summer. We’ve been learning greek, plotting google maps, researching backpacks, and scouring the interwebs for travel information and insider’s guides and tips. We want more than just a tourist’s vacation: we want to see the real Greece, to experience the country for what it is.

In our planning and daydreaming Erin had mentioned that one of the things she wants to do in her lifetime is to write a travel guide. We came across this awesome greek guy’s website where he basically has spent his life visiting all the greek islands and writing about them. It was pretty amusing and informative, and pretty much exactly what we were looking for.

A thought tickled me, and I realized with a shock what a brilliant idea it was. It was more of a decision than an idea, it was so perfect: to make travel guide websites. It’s the perfect life! To actually be able to do full-time what we are already obsessed with. Traveling, exploring and experiencing new places, utilizing photography and web design.

With a new zest for life, we are taking baby steps toward this dream of a career life. As an initial experiment, we have started a blog/travel guide for our home town and area. Our goal is to visit as many places as we can and compile travel info and things to do for youthful people travling on a college student’s budget. Our niche is outdoor adventure travel for the frugal nomadic type.

We are already familiar with our favorite activities and hang out locations, but how much fun will it be to explore and discover those places we aren’t familiar with! You can read and follow our adventures at

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