It just spills out of my heart

There’s a part of me I find difficult to allow freedom. That freedom to create, to inspire, to be passionate.

Writing has always helped me collect and straighten my thoughts which always seem to be in some random abstract form in my head. But the other day, I discovered a new way to write. Instead of writing linearly, gathering my thoughts to make a logical point, I somehow discovered I could bypass the English teacher’s voice in my head and just write straight from my heart, as the words and ideas just came to my mind. The following poems are words that have spilled from my heart.

I’m singing of nothing yet nothing is something.
Is a word a picture, or does it take many to compose?
How does candle light convey concern?
How does one listen without any words?
Is a tree fort a castle
is the kingdom below it
above it or in it?
Can one be astounded by so little and simple
Does complexity cast a unique glow
What of eyes and hearts and souls
What does the body mean
are we lost without it
are we lost in it
do we know it, can we even know ourselves?

To one, to many, to another, to none.
To what to use to nothing lose.
A fish and star wished something great.
To manage meat with little given.
Compound confound complexly hidden.
To find get lost and found to seek.
Draw circles with thoughts to make something complete.
How to dissolve concrete.

To change a rope untie it loose.
To write with a pen let gravity help.
To see a pulse in a hand is a sign of life.
Blood is good, it flows and feeds.
Let me sleep, my soul is weary, my neck is stiff from holding up my head.
Let me rest what I’ve long held onto.
Let me float in the properties of the water.
Let be undone that’s long been done.
Break the surface tension that’s grown tough and brittle.
Let it break, let it flow.
Let it spread like it’s never known.
Let it spring, let it sing.
Let it be known for what it is.

Let me be released into peace, I don’t want to think, I don’t want to try.
Let me need, let me feed, let me rest.
Let me drift.
Let me be sunk and swallowed in what is good.
I don’t want to be interrupted for nothing.
Empty promises.
Fall through.
My anger is wakened.
I don’t want to be seen.
I don’t want to hope for care to be disappointed.
I don’t want to be angry then be cared for.
I want to hope and have it met.
I want to trust.
I want to be close.
I want to hold and be held.

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