Poems Raw

Chosen words on softened lips.
Listen wise for youth is young.
Spoken fear no sooner come.
Enter battle with eyes open wide.
Soothe and sink and soft and drink.
The eyes of a fisherman sees not what he seeks.
To see a bird fly high and low.
What carries on and what does not show.
Showers blink and nod to sleep.
Headrest cries surprised to find.
What is need too soft to dream.
What feels of linen wrapped around.

To spring from the origin is a feat.
What object is of no dispute?
How fast to ride or slow to walk.
What breaks down the hardened lock.
What goes down without the moon.
A soldier knows the end is soon.
How free are words without restraint?
How does one tie the knot.
Oh sun.

To hide and know and choose to go.
Quickly dream of me.
When blue whales sing and blue birds drink.
Where is this earth of mine?
Come quickly, come quietly.
When does the blossom show.

Hidden in a cloud.
Hung upon a star.
Wait the wind blows down.
How dreadfully the irony lays hold of one so sweet.
Take a step, gain two, give three.
A marmalade procession brings.
Hold tight young one, the wind blows wild.
And it does not know you are a child.
Hold tight to me, don’t love your grief.
One is awake, one is asleep.
One thing I know, two things I ask.
When does wanting turn to honey?
How does one give when taught to hold?
Can one forgive a thought to old?
Can love abound when noon is dark?
Hold tight my heart.

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