– I’m Impressed!

Just stumbled across this site in my entrepreneurial pursuits, and it blew my mind! Actually, I have my mom to credit for finding it. But this is awesome, not just for the idea itself, but for all the ideas people come up with to sell for $5! is a website where people sell a wide variety of skills, services or resources for $5. The simplicity of it is sweet, and the ideas people come up with to sell are both entertaining and impressive!

It’s true that it’s a great way to under sell yourself, however if you’re smart with it you can sell simple tasks or abilities you have that you enjoy doing – for me, playing with photos – and get paid for it! Even if it’s just a few bucks, it can add up quick!

View my profile and my first few Fiverr gigs:

fiverr website

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  1. Lisa says:

    I got my first gig order today – someone’s getting a professional WordPress tutorial over Skype for 30 minutes! Woot!

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