What Faith Really Is

The fire beneath is of orange and black
A gift to souls full of lack
Hunger feeds, rising recedes
The earth is full of such glory

Commanding, contrasting, contemplating
Slow down, confound, compound, relax
Let go, too slow, don’t show, too much
Some seasons change and stay the same

Creaking, creeping, crawling, cautious
Wary sinners, weeping, wanting
Once in a lifetime, never again
Old senses dawn new thought

Drink up, drink deep, drink well
It’s here for you, so take it
Over and over, never will fail
Stars breathed to life
In His arms lies us all

To rest is to trust
To have faith beyond sight
To not know but assured
when it’s out of your hands
To believe is to live with your life
what you know in your head
To remember His faithfulness
is what faith really is

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