My Personal Psalms

This morning as I was writing I realized what my poetry is. I’ve wondered all along how to describe it, becaise its really something all of it’s own. It tends to be deep. And really what it is is the outflow of my heart.

These are my personal psalms.

I’m caught in this place, this old mentality
I’m caught in this haze, this cloud in my mind
Off all the things I should be, of all the things I’m not
I’ve been here before, but this is a deeper spot
I’m going deeper, getting closer to the root of the fault
This is good, it’s a journey I will be glad I made
But right now it is agony, I’m hanging in between
Dealing with pressure, consequences
and trying to think like I’m normal
I cannot function this way
I need to just let myself be broke
Let go, give in, Jesus told me, He has me in and out

So I can be broke, I can now breath, I can release my grip
Though I’m falling into my faults
He knows my faults, and He has my hand
He will be my strength, what I need
He won’t let me go too far

What I need to do is just go back
to what my point and purpose is
Is my purpose to be successful
to prosper, to give, to succeed?

Or is my purpose to be myself, to help and love those around me.

Or is my purpose to simply love Jesus, to know him and to abide?

Go down to the root, don’t splint your branches, don’t try to tape your leaves.
Remember the source, He’s the water of life, from Him will grow all you need.

And all the while He ponders your thoughts, He holds your time in His hand.
He waters you, gardens you, tends all your needs, you cannot escape His love.

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