My Song To Sing

I was writing my heart
I was writing a song
A song I couldn’t sing

A song inside me full of life
A song held back by chains

These chains were truths that weighed on me
But were locked with lies I couldn’t see

If I knew the lies did not exist
I could just set the chains aside

When the truth shines
And we open our eyes
We see the freedom that’s there

Now these lies I see, I know they’re false
Now I can drop these chains

But how to walk without these chains
They seem a part of me

It’s a matter of choice to let them go
And to set them down to leave behind

And it’s a process to grow in learning how
To walk in the freedom we have

These chains of mine, the truth of these:
I’m sensitive, emotional, and rather fickle
I don’t respond well to goals or expectations
I don’t function naturally in a school system setting
I don’t function naturally in a typical job setting
I’m a people pleaser
I’ll shortchange myself often
Then get desperate to defend myself

But the lies are these, the falsehoods are:
I’m limited, empty-headed, pointless and unuseful in my emotions
I’m worthless because I can’t climb the ‘success ladder’ of the standard american dream
I’m subject to what others say or think
I’m bound by what others expect, I’m bound to make them happy
My value is reflected by how others respond to me
I’m dependent on others to tell me I’m ok

Untangling the lies from the truths
Seems an awfully daunting task
But slowly I am recognizing
It’s a matter of my own response

If my identity is in Christ
If I am who He says I am
Who is anyone else to tell me different
Who am I to believe anything else?

The lessons God is teaching me
The truth He sets before my eyes
Shows me how faithful His love is to me
Despite everything I’m feeling

Knowing you’re cared for, knowing you’re loved
For who you are and where you’re at
I think is one of the most important things
A person can believe

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