Lisa Lidback

Let me just tell you my story.

I’ve always had an eye for detail. My mom has told me she would end up vacuuming three times a day when I was crawling, because I’d find every little thing in the carpet to inspect (with my mouth). She’s also said that when I was a toddler it would take us fifteen minutes to cross a parking lot because I’d want to stop and pick up every pebble I saw. I love being curious and exploring. I love finding beauty. I tend to obsess over whatever I’m focusing on, and love making things look pretty.

My creativity and curiosity led me to explore and teach myself html and css, and learn to build basic webpages in middle school, and in high school my romantic side fell love with photography. As a junior and senior in high school I attended Peninsula College through the running start program, and discovered an interest in graphic design. I graduated in 2006 with a general AA, and again in 2008  with an Associates in Multimedia Communications. Immediately after graduating I got a job at InsideOut Solutions working as a Web Technician, updating, building, designing, and marketing websites.

While working at InsideOut I learned so much about internet marketing, business strategy, web design, user experience design, and web development. I discovered many of my own strengths and weaknesses, which steadily shaped a better idea of what’s important to me and what I can best apply myself to. After spending almost 4 years at the most amazing desk job I’ll ever have, I decided that was enough time spent sitting, and decided to start a new chapter in life. I’ve been able to dedicate more time to photography again, as well as writing, and other personal projects and curiosities I’d either started or been wanting to pursue.

My dream job would be to travel the world as a photographer or journalist, though I love finding new interests and developing new skills. Ultimately, I’d like to be a teacher, cook, chauffeur, councilor, cheerleader, field guide, and general life-coach for my kids. Someday. Currently, my spare time is often spent swing dancing, ballet dancing, surfing, taking pictures, traveling, exploring, brainstorming or daydreaming. I’ve also just taken up crocheting.

Experience & Skills:

-Thorough understanding of managing websites in html and css, and utilizing WordPress as a Content Management System.

-Experience developing branding and implementing in internet marketing and web design.

-Worked with clients to develop website content, pages, and structure, and complete new websites in development.

-Provided training and support for clients using WordPress.

-Familiar with designing and coding websites, both standalone html/css and wordpress templates.

-Acquired experience and knowledge in search engine marketing and social media marketing, including google analytics set up and basic training.

-Daily experience in Photoshop.

-Some experience in Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, InDesign, and Dreamweaver.

-Some experience with Joomla.

Personal Interests:

-Before college I developed an interest in web development and taught myself html and css. And I’ve done several of my own freelance web design projects.

-I have high interest in Photography and digital imaging, which I’ve been able to utilize in web design and marketing, in addition to it being a favorite hobby. My favorite thing about photography is not just capturing an image, but drawing the viewer’s focus to a particular element or detail about that image.

-I have always had an interest in languages, from cultural languages to scripting languages to reading music. I’ve learned French, Spanish, Greek, and little Turkish.

-While I don’t have professional experience writing, it is a great interest of mine I’ve been spending more time doing. From journaling, to creative writing, to poetry, etc.

People who have inspired me:

Photographer Steve McCurry
Photographer Clark Little
Hip hip violinist Lindsey Sterling

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