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My Song To Sing

February 26th, 2013 by Lisa

I was writing my heart
I was writing a song
A song I couldn’t sing

A song inside me full of life
A song held back by chains

These chains were truths that weighed on me
But were locked with lies I couldn’t see

If I knew the lies did not exist
I could just set the chains aside

When the truth shines
And we open our eyes
We see the freedom that’s there

Now these lies I see, I know they’re false
Now I can drop these chains

But how to walk without these chains
They seem a part of me

It’s a matter of choice to let them go
And to set them down to leave behind

And it’s a process to grow in learning how
To walk in the freedom we have

These chains of mine, the truth of these:
I’m sensitive, emotional, and rather fickle
I don’t respond well to goals or expectations
I don’t function naturally in a school system setting
I don’t function naturally in a typical job setting
I’m a people pleaser
I’ll shortchange myself often
Then get desperate to defend myself

But the lies are these, the falsehoods are:
I’m limited, empty-headed, pointless and unuseful in my emotions
I’m worthless because I can’t climb the ‘success ladder’ of the standard american dream
I’m subject to what others say or think
I’m bound by what others expect, I’m bound to make them happy
My value is reflected by how others respond to me
I’m dependent on others to tell me I’m ok

Untangling the lies from the truths
Seems an awfully daunting task
But slowly I am recognizing
It’s a matter of my own response

If my identity is in Christ
If I am who He says I am
Who is anyone else to tell me different
Who am I to believe anything else?

The lessons God is teaching me
The truth He sets before my eyes
Shows me how faithful His love is to me
Despite everything I’m feeling

Knowing you’re cared for, knowing you’re loved
For who you are and where you’re at
I think is one of the most important things
A person can believe

My Personal Psalms

January 31st, 2013 by Lisa

This morning as I was writing I realized what my poetry is. I’ve wondered all along how to describe it, becaise its really something all of it’s own. It tends to be deep. And really what it is is the outflow of my heart.

These are my personal psalms.

I’m caught in this place, this old mentality
I’m caught in this haze, this cloud in my mind
Off all the things I should be, of all the things I’m not
I’ve been here before, but this is a deeper spot
I’m going deeper, getting closer to the root of the fault
This is good, it’s a journey I will be glad I made
But right now it is agony, I’m hanging in between
Dealing with pressure, consequences
and trying to think like I’m normal
I cannot function this way
I need to just let myself be broke
Let go, give in, Jesus told me, He has me in and out

So I can be broke, I can now breath, I can release my grip
Though I’m falling into my faults
He knows my faults, and He has my hand
He will be my strength, what I need
He won’t let me go too far

What I need to do is just go back
to what my point and purpose is
Is my purpose to be successful
to prosper, to give, to succeed?

Or is my purpose to be myself, to help and love those around me.

Or is my purpose to simply love Jesus, to know him and to abide?

Go down to the root, don’t splint your branches, don’t try to tape your leaves.
Remember the source, He’s the water of life, from Him will grow all you need.

And all the while He ponders your thoughts, He holds your time in His hand.
He waters you, gardens you, tends all your needs, you cannot escape His love.


January 31st, 2013 by Lisa

This is where we are
This is where we need to be
Not where we should stay
But not off track, just wait and see
Who knows what life will bring
Who knows how soon will change
Who knows, God does, I am not He
I evermore am safe

A Winter Poem

January 10th, 2013 by Lisa

Painted over, white on black
Spread the sheet like hills of snow
Shadows deepen, contrast the light
Truth stands pure in the dark of night

Widows lit with candle flame
Flickers hope for traveling home
Winter warmth, welcoming in
The greatest bond distance brings

Words which come from a deeper place
Grow the understanding dawn
Melt the icy covering
Return to bloom

What Faith Really Is

December 4th, 2012 by Lisa

The fire beneath is of orange and black
A gift to souls full of lack
Hunger feeds, rising recedes
The earth is full of such glory

Commanding, contrasting, contemplating
Slow down, confound, compound, relax
Let go, too slow, don’t show, too much
Some seasons change and stay the same

Creaking, creeping, crawling, cautious
Wary sinners, weeping, wanting
Once in a lifetime, never again
Old senses dawn new thought

Drink up, drink deep, drink well
It’s here for you, so take it
Over and over, never will fail
Stars breathed to life
In His arms lies us all

To rest is to trust
To have faith beyond sight
To not know but assured
when it’s out of your hands
To believe is to live with your life
what you know in your head
To remember His faithfulness
is what faith really is

Secondary, Primary

October 20th, 2012 by Lisa

Is poetry a rose
Is emptiness black, or white
Is shyness a veil, or a wall
Is victory a flag
Is sorrow a blanket
Is love binding, or dividing

Are shadows transparent
What sounds like relief
When does lightning strike
Who comes at the cry
Where goes the dawn

Does loveliness speak
Does shame know no song
Does swiftness prolong
Does redemption relieve

Made to be held
Two halves of a whole
Need foundation besides

Secondary, primary
Set up to fail

Let me fail, Star Breather, let me fail

Painting with Questions

October 15th, 2012 by Lisa

When is love gentle, and when does it rage?
When is it honest, and when does it save?
What can I trust, when can I speak?
Where does the truth and my feelings meet?
Can I trust myself, catch a glimpse of liberty high on the shelf.
To what does my soul bring, to what does it sing.
What do I wait for, what do I mean?

How long, how far, how come, why?
Who knows, wind blows, snow’s cold.
How soon, how near, how goes the storm?
Need to stay safe, need to stay warm.

All I have, and can give, these liquid prayers.
And thanks for goodness I know that is not yet here.

What is Love

October 12th, 2012 by Lisa

How strange my soul to be at peace and crying ever louder.
To love so much to let one go, to let the part take place.
To confirm the very fear you hate.
To fail one loved, in faith of One who never fails.
Hold fast, my heart, He has prepared you.
To hold with an open hand.
Still feel, my heart, but do not hold, do not pick up what’s not yours.
Trust in the One who holds all the world and all of time in His hands.
Please break, my heart, for what is broken.
But do not fear for what’s not lost.

Drink Deep the Water Rising

October 11th, 2012 by Lisa

Fear reverse, disperse dispute.
High to call, too low to fall.
By moonlight or by candle light, why not the sun?
Drink deep the water rising.
Hold fast, the dawn is coming.
Right on time, not delayed.

Wonderful to reach for stars.
They disappear as morning grows.
Why does dawn break?
Why does night fall?
Why don’t stars rise?

Beauty, perfection, in the eyes of the beholder.
Are we strong enough to love?
Oh to be whole, not two, but three.
Dancing on the tree tops.
Flirting with the wind.
Heart’s desire remains unseen, not lost.

From a Bleeding Heart

October 6th, 2012 by Lisa

King mouse door house. Weary sailor. Dried tears. Stained face.
Warm, thick, red, cooling. Crusting. Cracking. Hardening.
Contrasts the condition.
Last words known not to be true still ring.
Hidden. Sheltered. Why so sad. Why so afraid.
What now, what next, where to. Don’t let my heart decide.
Tangled thoughts and fears. Conflicted feelings.
Wounds, old and new, shiny wet.
Let me heal, don’t make me lay exposed.
Don’t touch my skin which aches for you.
Don’t comfort me, its all I want.

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