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My time in spain was short and very sweet. I can still recall the smell of the olive orchards that covered the hills surrounding the town of Priego. The narrow streets with the cars and mopeds parked up on the sidewalks. The cobblestone streets and sidewalks. The market with tables full of shoes and shirts and underwear with english print on them. The real-lemon flavored shaved ice we were all so fond of in the heavy heat we were not used to. The most fresh and delicious food I’ve ever tasted. The olive oil and garlic butter we’d feast on after our fiesta. Ahh, fiesta! The beautiful people, the children we worked with, asking me so many questions I could barely understand, us communicating with my limited Spanish and their limited English.

We were there on a missions trip, about sixteen of us, to give a two week english course at an elementary school during the summer. On our way to Spain, our first flight was delayed a good hour or so, and we therefore missed every single one of our connecting flights. I have distinct memories of us lying down in the London airport for a nap while Dan stood in multiple lines looking for a way to get all of us to Spain together somehow. Being the only underage child on the trip made it twice as exciting for me. Once we finally arrived, 32 hours later, we discovered all our luggage had been sent to Chicago. So many trials and challenges did a miraculous job of preparing us to work together and trust and rely on each other as a team. I think that right there might be what I loved most about the trip. And even after that nightmare of a journey, I can still say this with full confidence: I love to travel!

Surfing is one of those things I had never dreamed I would ever find myself interested in, yet one summer my friends roped me in and I was hooked. After my co-worker told me about this little surf town up in Canada called Tofino, I did a quick google search, and having the opportunity and excuse for a trip, I couldn’t resist. I believe that was a monumental event in my life. Not that the trip or Tofino itself was overly spectacular, but that somewhere inside me decided to make it happen. It was a fabulous trip, a six hour drive after riding the ferry across to Victoria. my buddy and I took a three day weekend, and it took a full day’s worth of traveling each way, especially since we were dependent on the Ferry’s schedule. We decided next time we visit, it would have to be at least a four day weekend. Or a week, either one. Tofino was beautiful. The beaches were beautiful. So many surfers! Ad it wasn’t even a good day for waves. We visited shortly after the ONeill Coldwater Classic competition had been held at Tofino, and the local Peter Devries had taken first place. I was thrilled when a friendly dog came running up to me and jumped up to say hi, and I saw Peter walking up to me apologizing for his dog! We also met and surfed with a guy from London and his brother. It was quite the exciting trip, we never got lost, but took our share of wrong turns and nearly missed the ferry coming home. Overall, we spent less than $300 on the whole trip. Typing this up I doubted myself and had to go back and calculate it all up, and yes, the two of us spent less than $300 on the trip.

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