Web Marketing

Website marketing is about enticing and inviting your visitors to engage with you. The structure of your website’s content should be clear and engaging. The design of your website should communicate your brand and tell your story.

My experience:
-Thorough understanding of managing websites in html and css, and utilizing WordPress as a Content Management System.
-Experience developing branding and implementing in internet marketing and web design, creating a strong web presence.
-Worked with clients to develop well structured websites and manage content.
-Provided training and support for clients using WordPress.
-Familiar with designing and coding websites, both standalone html/css and wordpress templates.
-Acquired experience and knowledge in search engine optimization and marketing.
-Experience with set up and basic functionality of Google Analytics.

Currently I am selling a WordPress Tutorial/Consultation gig for $5 exclusively on Fiverr. It’s a steal! And I am benefiting by establishing a reputation as a WordPress professional, getting my name out there and networking.

View my WordPress tutorial gig on fiverr, or contact me for a quote if you are interested in hiring me for freelance work on your website.

I can:
Help you set up your WordPress blog or website
Help you migrate or import your content to a new WordPress blog/website
Help you optimize settings
Help you pick and apply a theme
Help you with plugins
Train you to manage your website’s pages, posts, comments, etc.
Train you to manage seo on your blog/website
Teach you the basics for using WordPress
Install WordPress for you
Set up WordPress blog/website for you (with provided content)
Design a custom theme
Complete tasks such as:
-content transfer/import
-data entry
-troubleshooting and quick fixes

My hourly rate starts at 25/hr, send me an email to lisabeloved at gmail.com for a quote!

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